April 12, 2024

Cust2Mate has introduced an innovative supermarket trolley to transform in-person grocery shopping. While many smart cart teams are created by technologists for retailers, Cust2Mate has focused on solving the industry’s main pain points whilst alleviating the friction and frustrations of shoppers with the assistance of technology.

With thousands of carts deployed across four continents, the Cust2Mate 3.0 has a multifaceted solution that has simplified the checkout process by allowing shoppers to self-scan products and make in-cart payments. This facilitates a convenient, frictionless, ‘pick and go’ experience and eliminates the traditional checkout line or self-checkout issues.

The most recent upgrade to the Cust2Mate design includes an all-in-one detachable panel, allowing the company to use existing shopping trollies, lowering the installation and maintenance costs whilst minimizing space needed for charging and storage. CEO of Cust2Mate, Guy Mordoch, said the requirements to run the Smart Cart system were minimal.

“The goal is to prioritize ease of operation, flexibility, and low cost for the retailer, so Cust2Mate’s smart carts work with the infrastructure that a typical supermarket would already have. This includes WiFi and a power source to charge the carts,” said Mordoch.

Cust2Mate 3.0 carts are powered through a detachable control panel, which are charged in dedicated ports, located at the entrance and exit of the store. When fully charged, the panels have approximately eight hours of life, but are charged in between shopping journeys to minimize energy consumption and charging time while increasing usability.

Security was a key focus during the design phase of the Cust2Mate 3.0. With five different layers of security, the device includes AI computer-vision cameras, advanced security scales, RFID, behavior anomaly detection, and a barcode scanner that can capture and analyze physical and visual data. This technology will make the Cust2Mate 3.0 aware of any item that has been removed from the trolley. It will also ensure that the item scanned and paid for is the same item being taken home by the consumer and alert the retailer if it’s not.

Mordoch said that the Cust2Mate 3.0 was designed with the consumer in mind.

“The smart cart is highly interactive, leveraging behavioral data and on-cart touch screens to deliver personalized, context-driven, real-time product recommendations, promotions, and advertisements.”

Mordoch added that the technology can go beyond convenience by accommodating special diets and allergies, flagging items that have undesirable ingredients while also presenting relevant coupons.

“These features not only contribute to a more cost-effective shopping trip, but also add elements of personalization, safety, and reward for users.”

Supermarkets can monitor each Cust2Mate cart through a seamless, 360-degree management system. This system leverages the panel’s WiFi connectivity to oversee a store’s fleet of smart carts, enabling retailers to promptly receive notifications, resolve service issues, and obtain data that analyses customer activity, behaviors, and transactions.

Additionally, retailers equipped with robust data capabilities can extract valuable operational and commercial insights, thereby enhancing the store’s overall performance.

Cust2Mate shopping trollies are a multifaceted solution that elevates the shopping experience for consumers and empowers retailers. They also reduce costs and shrinkage through automation, personalized promotions, product recommendations, and a seamless checkout process. Cust2Mate’s products have been implemented by major retailers in countries such as the USA, Turkey, France, Belgium, and Australia.

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