Carrefour case study


Carrefour is the biggest retailer in France, with 3500 stores in France, and 3000 more in the rest of Europe. Carrefour are looking to replace 50,000 Scan&Go devices they currently use, with smart carts. Cust2Mate won over two other competitors to operate in Carrefour flagship store in Paris for a pilot started on December 2023.


Cust2Mate smart carts were the natural choice for Carrefour, as their shoppers are used to scan items with their current Scan&Go. Carrefour are looking for the next generation technologic solution for personal shopping- a cart that will have a bigger screen, personalized  advertisements, security measures, and payment on the cart.


25% returning customers in 3 months

Average basket size 24% bigger than Scan&Go

In their annual Media event, Carrefour announced Cust2mate as their technology partner

Cust2Mate was asked to create a special model cart for Carrefour

Cust2Mate is a preferred contender in the project of replacing 50,000 devices with smart cart

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