Cust2Mate’s new deal to bring 20,000 Israeli smart carts to Southeast Asia by 2025

These carts offer features such as decision-making support, access to shopping lists and messages, diverse payment methods, and a large screen.

The Jerusalem Post, November 22, 2023

 A Cust2Mate smart cart (photo credit: Dudi Moskowitz)
A Cust2Mate smart cart
(photo credit: Dudi Moskowitz)
In a strategic move, Israeli smart shopping cart developer Cust2mate is set to bring its cutting-edge smart shopping carts to Southeast Asia, marking its expansion into the lucrative markets of Malaysia and Thailand. Approximately 20,000 smart carts are poised to make their way into leading retail chains across the region by 2025.Cust2mate’s smart carts employ artificial intelligence  and advanced technologies to transform the retail customer journey. These carts offer features such as decision-making support, access to shopping lists and messages, diverse payment methods, and a large screen for targeted advertising, contributing to an enhanced shopping experience. Notably, the smart carts eliminate traditional checkout lines through built-in touch screens, barcode readers, security scales, and cameras that record the shopping process. Among the prominent retail chains set to embrace Cust2mate’s technology are Jaya Grocer, the third-largest supermarket chain in Malaysia, SOGO, the second-largest department store chain in Malaysia, Central Group, the largest retail conglomerate in Thailand, Lotus’s, the largest hypermarket chain in Thailand, The Mall, the second-largest shopping mall chain in Thailand, and The Food Purveyor Group, a prominent Malaysian food retailer. Facilitating this expansion is the strategic partnership with HEX 1011, a leading integrator of technological solutions for retail chains.

In recent months, Cust2mate has undergone strategic adjustments to its go-to-market approach, focusing on an aggressive expansion plan. With a new hardware release, the company is pursuing an ambitious vision, particularly in North America, where the company has invested significantly, hiring a sales team and partnering with local firms to promote its smart shopping carts aggressively.

 Guy Mordoch, CEO Cust2Mate (credit: Cust2Mate PR)Enlrage image
Guy Mordoch, CEO Cust2Mate (credit: Cust2Mate PR)

Company has momentum in region already

In the EMEA region, the company has experienced notable momentum, securing strategic deals in France. The company is actively pursuing opportunities in the UK, Spain, Italy, Romania, and Belgium, with advanced-stage discussions hinting at upcoming wins. The Israeli market, Cust2mate’s home ground, remains a stronghold, with partnerships and orders from major retailers like Yohananof.

“Today, what’s going on in the store is a black hole for retailers,” explained CEO Guy Mordoch, noting that smart carts change this dynamic, providing retailers with continuous insights into customer movements throughout their entire store visit. “We believe that as we implement more and more retail chains, we get to understand the pain points of the retail industry worldwide.”

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