A2Z Enhances Smart Cart With Advanced Security

Cust2Mate 3.0 is designed to meet the challenges faced by food retailers

Progressive Grocer, January 12, 2024

Tel Aviv-based A2Z Smart Technologies Corp., a global provider of innovative technology solutions, has introduced Cust2Mate 3.0, the latest iteration of its AI-equipped smart cart.

Cust2Mate 3.0 modular smart-cart
Cust2Mate 3.0 modular smart-cart

The next evolution after self-checkout, Cust2Mate features an all-in-one detachable panel with a 13.3-inch interactive touchscreen. This panel easily clips on to any shopping cart, transforming it into a multi-technology smart cart. According to A2Z Smart Technologies, the Cust2Mate’s 3.0 smart cart, designed for ease of mass production and reduced installation and maintenance costs, also results in a considerable reduction in weight, significantly enhancing maneuverability and space efficiency.

The Cust2Mate 3.0 smart cart also addresses the growing shrinkage epidemic. The smart cart’s theft mitigation features include computer vision, RFID and AI anomaly behavior detection, which complement the existing item sensor capabilities such as barcode scanner and weight sensors.

Leveraging behavioral data and on-cart screens, Cust2Mate 3.0 smart cart software can deliver personalized, context-driven, real-time product recommendations, promotions and advertisements throughout the shopper’s in-store journey. Through automation and Big Data-driven actionable insights, Cust2Mate 3.0 optimizes store operations, the company noted.

The Cust2Mate 3.0 smart cart will be presented at NRF 2024 Retail’s Big Show, at Booth 6712. The show is being held at the Javits Center in New York City, Jan. 14-16.

Last year, Morton Williams, a popular grocery retailer in the New York metropolitan area, ordered a slew of specially designed 75-liter Cust2Mate smart carts tailored for deployment in urban supermarkets.

Meanwhile, Instacart recently made improvements to its own smart carts. The San Francisco-based grocery tech company’s Caper Carts now feature personalized ads. Instacart will begin piloting ads on Caper Carts at Good Food Holdings banner stores. Ads on Caper Carts will give customers more customized recommendations and introduce experiences to help them discover new brands and products.

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